Select a secure, pediatric stander for kids by Ormesa. Our Standers safely optimize your child's posture and help promote independence.

About New Mini Standy APP

​​The Mini Standy APP has revolutionized the stander & therapy time significantly by increasing the amount of stimuli the child receives. Through an audio device fixed under the platform, the Mini Standy APP's sound waves vibrate through the entire structure of the stander stimulating the child's body and brain. Three sizes available, weight capacity of 121 lbs.

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Birillo by Ormesa

The Birillo scooter is designed for children 2 to 8 years old to move by themselves in the sitting position.​ The shape and bright colors are quickly accepted as a "toy" which encourages regular use without fear; ​The Birillo plays a very important part in the development of the perceptive and motor functions of the child, which is necessary for representing the space around them. An optional transparent tray will help develop the child’s fine motor skills.

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Mini-Standy by Ormesa

The Mini-Standy gives your child an opportunity to participate actively and feel integrated with their social surroundings. The Mini-Standy can be used in a range of settings such as at home, school, or clinic. The adjustable supports fit snuggly to the child while allowing lateral rotation. It is designed with locking wheels to make transporting easy and convenient.

Two Sizes with a capacity of 121 lbs.

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The Dondolino by Ormesa

3 sizes, weight capacity 121 lbs
The Dondolino’s standing frame was designed to be used in the everyday life contexts of a child’s home. It can enhance the child’s capacity to adapt to his surroundings and to interact positively with the world around him. All sizes have a chest support that is just as adjustable as the pelvic support.

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