The top-rated "Grillo" active mobility device is designed for self-sufficient movement.


The top-rated "Grillo" active mobility device is designed for self-sufficient movement. It is the first active mobility device on the market that maintains the CENTER of GRAVITY along the SAME AXIS during height adjustments, size Mini, SM, MED, LG.

Pictured Kid's, Grillo Size-small​ active mobility device;
Sizes available Mini, Small, Medium and Large/ ADULT Grillo

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The Grillo is an active mobility device designed for adults & kids who need support or a reference to step correctly using Anterior or Posterior frames. A wide bearing surface supports both the trunk and the pelvis to maintain the CENTER of GRAVITY during height adjustments. 4 frames are "interchangeable" which allows for a lot more growth before needing to change sizes: 7 configurations, four sizes: Size: Mini, Small, Medium and Large.
Size: Mini, Small, Medium and Large.

    Ideal Adjustability

  • no tools required
  • extremely precise adjustments
  • most settings can be moved with the user in place

    NEW 2019 Grillo enhancements on all size Grillo, Mini-S-M-L​

  • The Grillo harness will now fasten to the pelvic support with 4 hooks instead of 2.
  • The pelvis and chest supports are now wipeable, instead of a cloth covering. This is great for everyone!


GRILLO Mini: 29-37 Inches
GRILLO Small: 35.4-53.1 Inches
GRILLO Med: 43.3-64.9 Inches
GRILLO Large: 59-74.8 Inches


GRILLO Mini: 77 lbs.
GRILLO Small: 99 lbs.
GRILLO Med: 198 lbs.
GRILLO Large: 242 lbs.

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